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Thetford Christians Together 24-7 Prayer Week is back 


We will shortly be embarking on another prayer week under the banner of Thetford Chris ans Together. This will involve 168 consecu ve hours of prayer, using the Prayer Room at Cloverfield Church. We have joined together for 24-7 Prayer twice before and, on both occasions, the feedback was that people found it such a blessing to be involved. Prayer is fundamental to our personal lives with God, and to all that we do and say in his name. So, get involved! The week is divided into hourly slots so do think seriously about signing up for an hour or more. The prayer room will be full of many aids to prayer, so you won’t be stuck for things to do.

You can sign up at: 


 What is 24-7 Prayer?

24-7 is a non-stop, worldwide prayer meeting! At this very moment somebody, somewhere, is praying 24-7. It is our belief that God is calling us, as Christians in Thetford, to be a link in that same chain.

24-7 prayer is for groups who know that God is calling them to pray…. but are not always very good at it! 24-7 prayer gives us the opportunity to learn more about praying by doing it!

24-7 prayer is for all ages. It began with a group of young people—the missing generation from many Churches—in September ’99. A group of young people who found prayer difficult set themselves the extreme challenge of praying non-stop for a month. God turned up and they didn't stop until Christmas!

People who wouldn’t walk into a church service came to experience God’s presence in the Prayer Room: some even gave their life to the Lord. The idea of praying night and day spread into over 60 nations and nearly every stream of the Church.


24-7 Prayer Week 2012

Thetford 24-7 Prayer week 2014 was very succesful week with Christians from across Thetford Joinign togetehr in prayer.

24/7 Prayer Event – A personal reflection

This started with a hive of activity on Saturday 21st April with many people helping to prepare the prayer room for the event. There was such excitement at all the elements being put into the room to help stimulate those who were to commit time to prayer over the forthcoming week. A prayer wall was papered and there were comments such as do you think there is too much paper here – how we can lack faith! A cross was erected in the corner of the room from chicken wire, at the end of the prayer week almost every hole in the wire contained a slip of paper with a name of someone who had been prayed for. Items to be used for reflection, such as flowers, pools of water and stones, prayer books, soil filled tubs waiting for seeds to be sown, pictures on walls filled the room. A slide show of all the churches in the town played in the corner with messages from each one explaining what prayer was required.

As I left the room on the Saturday having helped to construct the new chairs for the room I was unsure of how this room would help me. I had not been able to commit to a particular time slot as I had a relative seriously ill in hospital. However, I attended the praise evening at the Baptist Church on Sunday 29th April. Wow, what an amazing evening. Despite feeling so terribly sad at the situation I was coping with, I felt a real sense of God’s presence. There were representatives from all the churches across town, each one fully involved in the service and the music provided by the Fountain of Life Church, Ashill. Following that service I arranged to visit the prayer room between 8 and 9 on the morning of Thursday 3rd May. I  received a phone call at 3am that morning to say that my relative had passed away. I sat in the room finding it hard to know what to pray so I started by looking at all the things I mentioned above and the message that came to me was that of Philipians 4:13 ‘I can do everything through him who gives me strength.’ A verse, which enabled me to cope with all the things I had already dealt with and still had to deal with.

 I do hope that not everyone who attended the prayer event had the same situation as I had to deal with and the evidence of prayers around the room and on the wall proved that was not the case. I believe that everyone who joined in prayer during the event was touched by it and I am sure that our God will ensure that the effects of that prayer will continue to work in our town. – Shauna Peacock



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